China White


Food photographer NYC

Sharpshooter Pictures has an excellent NYC food photographer.  We have photographed food for hundreds of restaurants in New York, ranging from the finest and most expensive to little nooks deep in Bed Stuy serving the perfect fritter.  Most of the time we styled it ourselves.  We have a secret to doing great food photography on a reasonable budget, which we won’t share, but rest assured it’s hassle free and no retouching is needed.

A good NYC food photographer has a great eye and appreciation for color and texture. We’re traditionally trained filmmakers and photographers, and we know how to make anything looks its best. Also, you have to work fast.  That ice cream begins to melt and the sauce starts to run.  For this reason, we don’t use stylists.  By doing all of it ourselves, and with good preparation by the chef, we get it done in a flash.  There’s no fuss, no crew, and no long shoot with twenty different plates of the same thing.  You’ll just prepare one dish, we promise.

If you want images for your website, all you have to do is choose the dishes and contact us.  We’ll come to you, meet the chef, shoot the plates, and put high res images in Drop Box for you within 48 hours.  We’ve even photographed food when the restaurant was open and people were dining.  Not ideal, but you know what?  They thought it was cool.  We won’t interrupt your business or bother you with fussy questions.  We know what the goal is – beautiful images of great food.


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