Loudmouth Soup Movie Details

Loudmouth Soup features Catherine and Jason, who are nervously preparing for their first L.A. dinner party. They’ve moved from New York and are celebrating the sale of their first film, a hit at Sundance. They feel like fish out of water and are intent on making new friends. Keith, a new acquaintance of Catherine’s, arrives first, flirting with Catherine and annoying Jason. Soon after, Charlie, a producer who has optioned Jason’s new script, arrives with his assistant, Kim. Blake, an indie film guru, gets the last seat and the six of them settle into a weird, tense dining session filled with the hyperbolic movie-talk that only exists in L.A.

Loudmouth Soup is produced, directed, shot and edited by Adam Watstein.  Produced by Jennifer Lyne.  Improvisation layered over structured story written by Lyne and Watstein.

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Loudmouth Soup Film Credits

  • Directed by Adam Watstein
  • Written by Nancy Bell, Kevin Chamberlin, Melanie Chapman, Jennifer Lyne, Joe Mellis, Kit Pongetti, Michael James Reed, James Tupper and Adam Watstein
  • Produced by Jennifer Lyne and Adam Watstein
  • Cinematography by Adam Watstein
  • Film Editing by Adam Watstein
  • Art Direction by Jennifer Lyne
  • Sound Recording by Paul Graff
  • Camera Operating by Jeff Bollman, Greg Brezovec, Tabbert Fiiller, Rafael Ramirez, Yamit Shimonovitz and Phoebe Sudrow
  • Thank You to Darren W. Johnson

Loudmouth Soup Movie Cast

  • Nancy Bell as Blake Barker
  • Kevin Chamberlin as Charlie Baker
  • Melanie Chapman as Catherine Grant
  • Joe Mellis as Jason Grant
  • Kit Pongetti as Kim White
  • Michael James Reed as Sam Ransom
  • James Tupper as Keith Miller

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